Best Practices

You can integrate Neocom wherever you want and as often as you want. We suggest having multiple entry points to the conversation to help your website visitors find the brand new advisor.

Entry point recommendations

Below you can find some more details on examples of possible entry points. 

Website Homepage 

On the homepage, the teaser doesn't have to be a full size banner. It can also take up a smaller place with a clear CTA. For eg, it can be a label, sticker, small banner, strip etc.

On the banner 1 On the banner-EN

Just after the banner 2 Under the banner-EN

Product List Page

Here a full size teaser is suggested to gain visibility over multiple small elements.

On the top bed

3 Above lists-EN

In between the products

It's also good to have it once again through the entire page scroll. Here the user has already browsed through a few products and would appreciate the advisor.
4 In between products-EN

As a product card

In addition, you can show the teaser as a product card.

7-as product card-EN

As a menu option

The advisor can be an even more integral part of your website when placed in the menu.

Desktop & Mobile

5 As a menu option-EN

On your support page

Your support page is another great entry point for the customer. This way you could relieve your support team from a few customer requests.

6 Support page-EN

💡 Also check the Neocom Demo Hub for further inspiration.