Step 1: Data Feed Groundwork and Requirements

Creating your product data feed, what should be in it and connecting your data.


To create your Neocom product advisor, it needs to be connected to your product data.

This should be done with the help of a product data feed, which should contain as many relevant attributes as possible. Even attributes only for background information, that are not directly asked for in the advisor, can be taken into account and improve the results for your customers. 


    The product data feed should be in a certain schema and include attributes such as SKU, Parent_SKU, price, title, link, etc. There are certain attributes that are mandatory to be included for Neocom to work.

    For optimal results, as many product attributes as possible should be included in your feed.

    Here you can find an example template including attributes, descriptions and examples. Choose tab "EN" for the english version, "DE" for the german one. The attributes marked blue "mandatory information" are mandatory, whereas the attributes marked grey "product specifications" simply serve for orientation. If you use this template, please note that column A, row 1 and rows 3-6 are to be deleted.

    Data connection

    After providing Neocom with a dynamic CSV- link, Neocom takes care of the rest of the data connection. There is nothing else you need to worry about. 

    Once the data is connected to the Neocom Admin, up to date products, prices and availability can be shown in the advisor.


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