What's the difference between filtering, ranking and fine-tuning questions?

The type of question can be adjusted in the Admin Portal in the Conversation tab | Importance. 

1. Filtering

This type of question has two functions. On one hand, it filters out products and on the other, it determines when first results are shown.

When answering a filtering question, only those products that have the desired characteristics are shown in the results. 

The first results are shown as soon as all filtering questions have been answered. 

2. Ranking

These questions are subject to the Neocom algorithm and do not filter out products. 

The better the overall package of a product fits to what has been answered previously, the higher it will be ranked in the results.

3. Fine-tuning

Fine-tuning questions have the same characteristics as ranking questions, but have less influence on the results.

These are always the last questions asked in the advisor and are particularly suitable for attributes which a user could easily compromise on.