Save for Later

Allow your customers to save the top 3 product recommendations directly to their inbox.


Customers are able to simply and quickly save the top 3 product recommendations to their email while simultaneously generating verified contacts for sales, marketing, or purchasing purposes.

Easy online shopping is an integral part of our everyday lives! There are plenty of reasons to postpone purchases including simple issues like a misplaced credit card, or more complex issues, like requiring more time to think about the decision and weighing up alternatives.  These are exactly the reasons Neocom developed the Save for Later feature for. With the Save for Later feature, you provide prospective buyers the opportunity to save their individual product recommendations directly to their e-mail inbox. 



Save for Later provides flexibility for customer’s purchasing decisions. With just one click the customer returns to their desired Product Detail Page, ready to finalize their purchase.

Alongside providing flexibility for the customer, the Save for Later feature also generates valuable leads with concrete insights that you can target for marketing purposes. 



For a complete overview of the Save for Later feature and how to set it up, take a look at our Deep Dive Article into this topic.