Theme Designer

Individual design for your advisor

Neocom has enabled all users to personalize their advisors to fit the look and feel of their website. The ease at which customization is possible also allows changes to be made quickly and easily, meaning updates for seasonal changes, sales, or other promotional activities are no problem. Every element of the advisors, from questions to results, fonts to border spacing, are completely customizable.



The goal when creating Neocom’s Theme Designer was to make it simple enough for anyone to use, without skipping complexities that we knew any marketing and content team would require. This allows you to make general changes quickly and easily, while also allowing customization of the tiniest details throughout the advisor. 


Another important feature of the Theme Designer is that it always displays a live preview. This means any changes you make can instantly be checked and double-checked before being transferred onto your live advisor.  It also allows you to experiment with no consequences. 


For a detailed look at Neocom’s Theme Designer take a look at our detailed article.