Cookie Consent

By default, our advisors use cookies to identify users and sessions as well as for optional features such as for example Purchase Tracking (see our privacy policy). In theory, you should therefore wait for the user's consent before Neocom is shown. As this would result in an empty page if no consent is given yet (because Neocom would be not shown), there is an explicit way of telling Neocom if the user has already given consent.
This consent, e.g. asked by a Consent Management Platform (CMP)/ Tool, can be forwarded to Neocom by providing a JavaScript function which returns the user’s consent.
This function needs to be integrated on any page where Neocom is used, usually placed in the header. If this function is not present, it’s assumed that the consent has been given.
function neocomConsent() {
// Returns a boolean (true/ false) based on the consent
return true;