Cookie Consent

The cookie consent only matters, if the Purchase Tracking script is integrated and the storing of the session ID is enabled (Admin Portal | Settings | Purchase Tracking | Permissions). When this is activated and the cookie consent given, Neocom will store the session ID in the user browser in order to connect it to a purchase made afterwards. By default Neocom assumes that the consent is given.
If you want to overwrite the default behaviour, you have the option to explicitly tell Neocom if the user has already given consent.
This consent, e.g. asked by a consent management platform (CMP)/ Tool, can be forwarded to Neocom by providing a JavaScript function which returns the user’s consent. Neocom will initially read this function before loading the advisor to see if the cookie consent is given or not. In case that this function returns “false” (meaning rejected) Neocom will periodically call this function to see if the consent state has changed to “true” (meaning given) and store the session ID consequently. The logic/ trigger on when “true” or “false” is submitted to Neocom, needs to be set and implemented by you.
This function needs to be integrated on any page where Neocom is used, best placed in the header. 

Please note: with this function in place, the Purchase Tracking performance only reflects the purchases of users who have given consent.

function neocomConsent() {
// Returns a boolean (true/ false) based on the consent
return true;