Purchase Tracking

Get insights on the performance right inside the Neocom Admin Portal.

The best proof that your customers find the right product using your Neocom advisor is a purchase. To get the most out of Neocom, we recommend integrating the Neocom Purchase Tracking on your checkout success page. By doing this you tell the Neocom algorithm what your customers really like and you can get insights about the performance of your Neocom advisor right inside of the Neocom Admin Portal.

How it works

Behind the scenes, Neocom will set a cookie identifying the session. Once a purchase is transmitted to Neocom it is automatically linked to the given session - no action needed from your side.


In order to use this feature you can either reach out to your Account Manager or go to the
Admin Portal settings, top right, Profile | Settings | Purchase Tracking to set it up yourself. To do so simply integrate the HTML snippet and activate the cookie storage under Permissions.

You can find the HTML snippet that needs to be integrated into your Checkout Success Page below as well as in the Admin Portal.

This requires that the Global Embed Code is already integrated in the header (ideally in the header of all pages):

<script src="https://production.neocomapp.com/neocom.js?id=$YOUR-CLIENT-ID"></script>


(function () {
function t() {
value: 1140.0,
currency: "EUR",
contents: [
id: "sku-1",
quantity: 2,
price: 500.0,
id: "sku-2",
quantity: 1,
price: 140.0,
!!window.Neocom ? t() : window.addEventListener("neocomloaded", t);

The values in the example above need to be dynamic.


Once you have integrated the purchase tracking additional metrics about the performance of your Neocom conversation will be active and visible in the Admin Portal | Analytics | Neocom Assisted Sales. Via the date filter top right you can set the time period. 

Total Sales: Total sales of the category covered in the advisor. 

Neocom Assisted Sales: Sales of which Neocom assisted.

Data Privacy 

  • We don't require any personal account data of your customers. All that's sent to Neocom is the anonymised shopping basket and the Neocom Session ID.
  • Once the purchase tracking is enabled, Neocom will store a cookie with the Neocom session ID on your domain.