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The Neocom Admin Portal

Neocom Admin Portal empowers you to take control of your advisor.

Not only do you get to access all your advisors and customize them, but you also get to see how each question is performing. Optimize your advisors based on real customer data.

User interface

After logging in, you land on the Dashboard. Here you will find cumulated data of your advisors' performance. In Projects you find an overview of all your advisors. A project card also shows if the project is a draft or already published.

Via the user menu, situated on top right, you can access your account, logout from the Admin Portal, view and change your personal notification settings and check the functionality of the Purchase Tracking. 

Click the bell icon to see whats new in the Neocom Admin Portal.
If your account belongs to multiple companies, you can switch between companies here.


All information and settings related to your advisor can be found in the Admin Portal and are divided into different topics.


Detailed numbers on the performance of your advisor.
Access your analytics dashboard from Projects | Analytics. Please note that no analytics will be available until your project is published and live on your website.


The heart of your consultant, so to speak.
Under Projects | Conversation you will not only find all questions, answers and mappings, but also many more details and the most important Neocom key figures.
More info about this and how you can create your own advisor can be found here.


Information about the integration up to the result display.

On Projects | Setup | Basic Setup you can manage general information about your project (name of project, currency, etc.). 

On Projects | Setup | Integration you will find the scripts to integrate your advisor. Simply copy paste the script. More details on how to integrate advisors here

On Projects | Setup | Results you can customize the way the result are displayed.

Changing password

You can change your password from your account page. Access it from the user menu on top right.